Sleep On The Floor – The Lumineers

‘Sleep on the Floor’ is the first track on The Lumineers’ album, Cleopatra, released earlier this year. The song itself envisages an escape from the mediocre and creating a new life based on love, passion and spontaneity. The lyrics suggest adventure rather than rebellion and the music gives a warm, nostalgic undertone.

The music video does not shy away from this initial meaning, in fact it expands on it – it raises the question of the big ‘what if’. What is interesting about this video is that we see her (Cleopatra, name assumption) reach the crossroad after the man she loves asks her to leave with him (“if we don’t leave now you may never make it out”) and how she feels about each decision, the journey of these two character travels through their road trip adventures along with the arguments, the memories, the admiration and nature that young love often withholds.

The cinematography throughout this video is something to be commended. The characters  emotions blaze through and we can see havoc when things get messy between the pair and control when it is needed. Introducing the music video with slow dollying shots and eventual close ups created a tender spot for these characters and that love and connection only strengthened throughout with playful cinematography and varying movements.

It is really difficult to show a full progression of a relationship and the ups and downs that come with young love, but I feel as though the editor hit the mark. Not only were the shots changed to the beat of the music (a not-so-secret love of mine in music videos), but implementing quick progressive cuts jump cuts and extra sound and dialogue, the story of the pair progressed astoundingly.

While watching the music video, it is heartwarming and gentle and possesses everything young love does – the struggles and the desire, along with the experiences and growth. Tracking back to the original introduction and the choice Cleopatra has to make, we do only see the choice of love, that is until the very end, where we see the alternate path.

You can watch the music video here and see for yourself –

Let me know what you think!

– Jordyn D



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