Lorde’s ‘Greenlight’

Lorde is back! Not only did Ed Sheeran release his much anticipated Divide album, Lorde also returned to the spotlight dropping a video premiere of her single Greenlight after being absent from the music scene for about two years. It always excited me when artists I haven’t heard for a long time come back to the surfaced refreshed and with some good music that is close to the heart.

If you’re used to the old Lorde, the days of Pure Heroine are gone as Lorde has come back with a distinctly pop hit that screams passion and fierceness. The song is hybrid genre, and gives off a sense of chaos and angst. The beginning of the song starts with a slow piano and Lorde singing words of angry emotion in front of a dirty mirror, before bursting into an energy filled chorus that is catchy to say the least.

This is very different from the style Lorde used to possess – her raspy and attitude-filled voice still present but the slow and comfortably paced music is gone. The song is a whirlwind, and I am still feeling unsure about how to feel. I think I like it but it almost seems as though Lorde has let go of who she used to be, and I just don’t think I can move on from the haunting Royals and Yellow Flicker Beat. 

However, Lorde’s style change comes within good reason. In an interview with Billboard Lorde speaks about how this song is about heartbreak – which is definitely evident in the lyrics – and how it is unusual for her. She also explained that she wanted her new album to be unlike the rest of her songs, as she moves forward into her career. The whole heartbreak theme going on, it’s such a dire subject for such a pop-dance song.

While the song is fun and has the passion and drive that heartbreak insinuates, I can’t help but be confused at the extent her music has changed. Maybe this is a step in the right direction for 2017 pop music, or maybe she has adapted too much in what the electronic dance songs possess.

Watch the video and have a listen – I’d love to hear other opinions on the matter!!


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